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22 May 20
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5 Reasons Why Baby Wearing Is So Popular
It's all the rage. Famous and not-so-famous moms and dads all over the world are wearing their baby! Are you next?Baby slings and baby carriers are taking families by storm - they are the newest 'must have' baby gear. And leading the way are famous people like Brad and Angelina - they both wear baby carriers.
02 Jun 20
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5 Strategies for Buying Wholesale Jewelry
Whether you're a fashion retailer, an e-tailer, an eBay seller, or you simply want to earn some extra income selling costume jewelry, the key to success is finding great wholesale jewelry from a costume jewelry supplier. Finding high quality wholesale fashion jewelry can be an elusive quest, though, so here are five tips to get you started.1. When it comes to wholesale jewelry, import is king.
08 Aug 20
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7 Best Fashion Accessories For Women
Women have always wanted to look their best whenever they go out and meet people. They go out of their way to look presentable and well groomed. Fashion accessories are necessary items for women to achieve the look that they want. These items provide them with a way to enhance the way they look.
05 Oct 20
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A Womens Motorcycle Jacket Is Both Cool And Practical
People who ride motorcycles often wear leather. There are a lot of very good reasons for this. A women's leather motorcycle jacket is a very smart things for a woman who rides a motorcycle to wear on and off the bike.The main reason that bikers wear leather is its durability. A good, thick piece of leather will protect the rider from a lot of things.
25 Oct 20
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Accessorising to Update Your Wardrobe
Spring is finally here and now is the perfect time to make some seasonal changes in your life. Many people, for instance, might take on major house cleaning during the spring, commonly referred to as 'spring cleaning' while others choose spring as a time to make certain health and fitness commitments, such as working out more, or to get in shape for the summer.
01 Nov 20
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Advice in Choosing Out Which Fashion School Is Right
So you have finally made the tough decision to attend fashion school; now the only problem is deciding which fashion school to attend. Whatever it is that you have decided to pursue in life, deciding which school to attend is never the easiest part.
16 Nov 20
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Affordable Wedding Photography
A wedding involves many decisions. You need to decide on a date, who to invite, where to have the reception, the dress, the rings, and the wedding photography. Of all those decisions, the photography is probably the most important aspect of your wedding. More choices wait when you start to look for affordable wedding photography, too.
01 Dec 20
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Are Fashion Magazines Really Necessary And Are They Worth The Money We Spend On Them?
Let's face it we are all at one time or another looking to improve or change our appearance and build on our Find our sense of fashion? If you are one of us, which I am sure you are then you probably have purchased fashion magazines at some point in your life. Some of us have purchased these more than others.
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